Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Big Sleep in Japan Part 1

I was in Japan less than a week before the Earthquake and Tsunami hit there.
It was the first visit in 6 years and I had a great time.
So, I was devastated when I heard the news.
I dedicate this entry to wonderful everyday life in Japan and such brave people trying to restore it.

 I went to  Shibuya to see my college friends. This is the world famous street crossing. Japan is a small country with lots of people and vibrant energy . Which way to go?

At Taro Okamoto Museum in Kawasaki city. Okamoto is a Japanese master avant-garde painter/sculptor. Kawasaki is his hometown as well as mine. My mom and I visited on the very day of his100th anniversary of  birth without knowing it! It was nice to see avant-garde arts surrounded by a gentle suberbian nature.

Chef caught a big tuna at Tsukiji Fish Market and he is so proud!!

One of the greatest pleasure of traveling Japan is visiting Onsen (Hot Springs) . Another friend and I went to Yugawara onsen near Tokyo. The ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) we stayed had two outdoor hot springs and lots of delicacies using local ingredients, served in our own room. This is the best way to talk to a long-time-no-see good friend!!

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