Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Big Sleep In Japan 2012

Very Stylish cat striking a pose in Yanaka Cemetery in Tokyo. The Cemetery is famous for cats and cherry blossoms. She even picked up the perfect cherry blossom tree as a background.

Also in Yanaka Cemetery. The street of the ancestors, descendants and cats.

Season of love in Jogasaki Cliff, Shizuoka. There is a suspension bridge between cliffs standing on the sea (23 meter from the sea level). Cats can fall in love anywhere, at least for the experienced looking female cat. She is clearly inviting him but he looks confused....


Mishima Shrine, Shizuoka. This very tough looking Siamese street cat was actually friendly. I said hello and politely asked him to take a photo, then, he came to me.

Also in Mishima Shrine, on the top of the shrine gate, perfect cat friendly furniture. She knows she is divine.

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