Monday, April 23, 2012

Hanasaka Neko and the Lucky Cat

Here are Chef and Fireball as Hanasaka Neko (the cat who made flowers blossom) and his friend Lucky Cat.  As you may know, the “Lucky Cat” is a Japanese symbol which is believed to bring luck. On the right-hand side of the cherry tree branch, Lucky Cat is inviting everyone to Central Park.  Hanasaka Neko is a cat version of a famous Japanese folk character, “Hanasaka- Jiisan”, an old man who made withered trees blossom.

100 years ago Japan gave cherry blossom trees to New York as a symbol of US-Japan friendship.  These trees have made their home in New York, including Central Park and have blossomed beautifully. Now,  Hanasaka Neko is spreading this  blossom with smiles and happiness to all of New York.

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