Monday, October 25, 2010

The Big Sleep in Vienna Part 1

Part 1: People
It was a promising trip from the very beginning. The cab driver who took us to JFK was Mr. Sherpa from Nepal and his whole family is sherpa. His brother holds the Guinness record of climbing Mt. Everest 6 (?) times.

On the plane to London, we sat next to a Croatian couple in their early 30’s, Draghon and Goga. Draghon is a vet and has been testing for mad cow disease for over 10 years. So far, no mad cow in Croatia! His father is also named Draghon, so when his mother calls one of them, both Draghons answer.

Drinking at the Naschmarkt, the most popular food market in Vienna: We stopped at a traditional beerhouse. Unfortunately, there were no free tables. A senior glee club touring from Germany invited us to join them. They were nice jolly fellows and treated us to 2 beers. Danke!

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